Most Played Artists

Jan2014 – June2014

Position Artist Plays

1 Bruce Springsteen 19
2 Dave Edmunds 15
3 Paul Rodgers 14
4 America 13
5 Earth Wind & Fire 13
6 Beach Boys 11
7 Rolling Stones 10
8 Al Stewart 9
9 Beatles 9
10 David Bowie 9
11 E L O 9
12 Elton John 9
13 Steely Dan 9
14 Bob Dylan 8
15 Wilko Johnson/Roger Daltrey 8
16 10cc 7
17 Dire Straits 7
18 Doobie Bros 7
19 Faces 7
20 Alison Moyet 6
21 Eagles 6
22 John Fogerty 6
23 Led Zeppelin 6
24 Lisa Stansfield 6
25 Tom Petty 6
26 Who 6
27 Allman Brothers Band 5
28 Eddi Reader 5
29 Jackson Browne 5
30 Little Feat 5
31 Santana 5
32 Simon & Garfunkel 5
33 Stevie Wonder 5
34 Strypes 5
35 Ziggy Marley 5




10 responses to “Most Played Artists

  1. John Patrick is a long time supporter of The Album Collection and he has calculated which artist and which album received most plays on the programme. It makes interesting reading, thanks John.

  2. You and everyone are most welcome. I think it’s interesting that of the top 5 artists David Bowie is there due to the amount of plays his current album, Next Day, got. The others are there due to their back catalogue getting played. Within the top 10 artists it’s mainly back catalogue that put them there, the exceptions being Elton John, Jon Byrne, Deep Purple who have seen their recent releases push them into the positions they hold. Lot’s of interesting statistics and quirks but I’ll bore everyone no longer with them.

  3. What about Donald Fagen? Is he included in Steely Dan?
    My ears recall Young Bob played his latest album week, after week, after week……..
    Thanks for taking the time to compile it all anyway. Good job, well done.

    • Hi Mike – Thanks for the query, mistakes can be made of course but according to my records. Donald Fagen – Sunken Condos got 3 plays in 2013, and his Nightly Album 1 play. So total plays did not push him into either of the charts. Sunken Condos was released in Oct 2012 and did receive some plays from Bob in late 2012. My charts are just for 2013. The fact that it was released in Oct 2012 and received air play in the latter part of 2012 and the early part of 2013 may have led your ears to think it got a lot more plays than it did in 2013.

      The last time Bob played a track from Donald Fagen (Sunken Condos-I’m Not The Same Without You) was on the 10/11 th May show. Prior to that in 1st Feb listing he played Nightfly from Nightfly Album. Jan25th Sunken Condos-I’m Not The Same Without You, Jan 11th listing Planet D’Rhonda-Sunken Condos.

      Hope that’s some help.


      • P.S.

        Donald Fagens figures make his Sunken Condos album the 92nd most played album joint with many others, and Donald Fagen himself the 86th most played artist.

      • P.P.S.

        As you will probably have worked out from my previous replies Donald Fagen is not included in the Steely Dan figures, best to make that very clear though. Similarly for those interested Hotlegs ( essentially an early incarnation of 10cc have not been included in the figures for 10cc ).


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