Week Commencing October 11th

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Ohio (So Far)

Deep Purple – Pictures Of Home (Machine Head)

Queen – Brighton Rock (Sheer Heart Attack)

Cream – Sweet Wine (Fresh Cream)

Chris Rea – The Memory Of A Good Friend (King Of The Beach)

The 1957 Tail Fin Fiasco – The Fisherman (Not For Everyone)


Chris Squire – Hold Out Your Hand/You & Me (Fish Out Of Water)

O’Jays – Ship Ahoy (Ship Ahoy)

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – It’s A Beautiful World (Who Built The Moon)

Paul Weller – Glide (True Meanings)

Poco – Rose Of Cimarron (Rose Of Cimarron)

Paul & Linda McCartney – Monkberry Moon Delight (Ram)

Cheech & Chong – Vietnam (Cheech & Chong)

Rolling Stones – Sister Morphine (Sticky Fingers)

Tower Of Power – On The Soul Side Of Town (Soul Side Of Town)


Steely Dan – Razor Boy (Countdown To Ecstasy)

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Susie Q (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Omar & The Howlers – Lee Anne (Live At Paradiso)

Billy F. Gibbons – Bring It To Jerome (The Big Bad Blues)

*Songs inserted by transmitting stations.


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