Week Commencing August 9th

Steely Dan – Daddy Don’t Live In That New York City … (Katy Lied)

Gil Scott Heron – New York Is Killing Me (I’m New Here)

Doobie Brothers – The Captain & Me (The Captain &Me)

Tower of Power – When Love Takes Control (Soul Side Of Town)

Glenn Frey – He Took Advantage [Blues For Ronald Reagen] (Strange Weather)

Jackson Browne – I Am A Patriot (World In Motion)


Temples – All Join In (Volcano)

Free – Come Together In The Morning (Heartbreaker)

Bad Company – Gone Gone Gone (Desolation Angels)

Van Morrison – Bring It On Home To Me (Roll With The Punches)

Van Morrison – And It Stoned Me (Moondance)

Little Feat – Mercenary Territory (The Last Record Album)

Eagles – Witchy Woman (Eagles)

Harry Chapin – Remember When The Music (Sequel)

Mark Germino – Rex Box Lowenstein (Caught In The Act Of Being Ourselves)

Tom Petty – The Last DJ (The Last DJ)

Leonard Cohen – Closing Time (The Future)


Santana – Soul Sacrifice (Woodstock)

Jonathan Wilson – Trafalgar Square (Rare Birds)

Hall & Oates – Sara Smile (Daryl Hall & John Oates)

Crosby Stills Nash & Young – Deja Vu (Deja Vu)

*Songs inserted by transmitting stations.


8 responses to “Week Commencing August 9th

  1. Happy Anniversary, Bob. Thank you for the many hours of brilliant programmes and the ‘introduction’ of countless artists I had never heard of. Long may it continue.

  2. Don’t forget I still have a recording of that first show, it’s not as bad as you seem to think, so if ever you want to hear it (for historical value) just let me know

  3. Hi Bob, Yours is one of several Caroline shows I download onto my phone for listening to in the car every couple of weeks. And listening on Monday evening I got back home whilst you were playing Mark Germino “Rex Box Lowenstein” and I found myself parked in the drive and shouting at the radio!! The dogs in the back were looking at me strangely (something they do often), as I was asking in a very loud voice “Why is this radio so f*&$!£g good?” You then went on to play Tom Petty and Leonard Cohen and I have to say that I feel so sorry for the rest of the general listening public who NOT know about Radio Caroline, your show and other presenters who play such amazing music. Incidently my wife will disagree with me though. Every day I count my blessings and thank my elder brother Danny who introduced me to Caroline back in the early 1970’s.

    Don’t EVER stop.

    • God bless, Danny! Thank you, Jules. I’m very happy to read that we share a musical taste, we all do … if you listen to the album collection I think it’s a safe bet that you share a similar taste. It may not be exactly the same for each of us, but in general terms we’re all very similar.

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