Week Commencing June 28th

Poco – Rose Of Cimarron (Rose Of Cimarron)

Zervas & Pepper – Roses Of Jericho (Wilderland)

Roger Hodgson – In Jeopardy (In The Eyes Of The Storm)

Steely Dan – Turn That Heartbeat Over Again (Can’t Buy A Thrill)

Stairsteps – Salaam (2nd Resurrection)


Stevie Wonder – Superwoman (Music Of My Mind)

Van Morrison – Cyprus Avenue (Astral Weeks)

Temptations – It’s Summer (Psychedelic Shack)

Temptations – It’s Summer (Solid Rock)

Wishbone Ash – Lady Jay (There’s The Rub)

Santana – Summer Lady (Marathon)

Aimee Mann – Lies Of Summer (Mental Illness)

Rastus – Warm (Steamin’)

Tower Of Power – Hangin’ With My Baby (Soul Side Of Town)

Little Steven – Down & Out In New York City (Soulfire)

ZZ Top – Hot, Blue & Righteous (Tres Hombres)


Rolling Stones – Dooo Dooo Dooo Dooo Dooo [Heartbreaker] (Goat’s Head Soup)

Queen – The March Of The Black Queen (Queen II)

Todd Rundgren – Just One Victory (A Wizzard A True Star)

Kayak – La Peregrina (Seventeen)

*Songs inserted by transmitting stations.


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