Week Commencing May 17th

Eddie Kendricks- Keep On Trucking (Eddie Kendricks)

Cream – Born Under A Bad Sign (Wheels Of Fire)

Joe Walsh – Meadows (The Smoker You Drink The Player You Get)

Jam – The Man In The Corner Shop (Sound Affects)

Kiki Dee – You Need Help (I’ve Got The Music In Me)


Doors – L.A Woman (L.A Woman)

Boz Scaggs – Harbour Lights (Silk Degrees)

Carole King – Believe In Humanity (Fantasy)

Bob Seger – Forward Into The Past (I Knew You When)

Big Wha-Koo – Waiting On A Woman (The Big Wha-Koo)

Eagles – Take It To The Limit (One Of These Nights)

Pugwash – The Perfect Summer (Silverlake)

Garland Jeffries – Coney Island Winter (The King Of In Between)

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir (Physical Graffiti)

Graham Nash – Military Madness (Songs For Beginners)

Graham Nash – On The Line (Wild Tales)


Billy Joel – Scenes From An Italian Restaurant (The Stranger)

Beatles -Abbey Road Medley

ZZ Top – Tush (Fandango!)

*Songs inserted by transmitting stations.


3 responses to “Week Commencing May 17th

  1. Bob, Some great tunes in there tonight, just catching up with the last couple of weeks shows, last week you played the censored version of Star Star but the week before you played the uncensored version of Who Are You, just too many f”s?

  2. Thanks, Barry. Yeah, exactly right. Personally, I have no problem with the unedited version of Star Star. Clearly, The Album Collection is made for an adult audience and is broadcast on licensed radio stations who have a duty of care. I have a responsibility to the radio station, but each station will have its own standards and rules, so it just makes life easier (for me) to play the edited version. The Who track, I believe, is not such a potential problem.

    When I win the lottery and I have my own radio station, I’ll play the unedited version ….

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