Week Commencing April 12th

ELO – Shangri-La (A New World Record)

Steely Dan – Bad Sneakers (Katy Lied)

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Mary’s New Car (Southern Accents)

Chris Hillman – Such Is The World That We Live In (Bidin’ My Time)

Jackson Browne – Before The Deluge (Late For The Sky)

Dave Mason – Mystic Traveller (Let It Flow)


Beatles – The Word (Rubber Soul)

Monkees – What Am I Doing Hanging ‘Round (Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones)

Pink Floyd – Any Colour You Like/Brain Damage/Eclipse (Dark Side Of The Moon)

Deep Purple – Child In Time (In Rock)

Rolling Stones – Soul Survivor (Exile On Main Street)

Led Zeppelin -D’Yer Maker (Houses Of The Holy)

Gregg Allman – I Love The Life I Live (Southern Blood)

Jan Akkerman – Prima Donna (Heartware)

Eagles – The Last Resort (Hotel California)

Art Garfunkel – Someone Else [1958] (Watermark)


Kayak – God On Our Side (Seventeen)

Barclay James Harvest – Poor Boy Blues/Mill Boys/For No One (Everyone Is Everybody Else)

Supertramp – Lord Is It Mine (Breakfast In America)

Paul Rogers – That’s How Strong My Love Is (The Royal Sessions)

Colin Blunstone – This Is Your Captain Calling (Journey)

*Songs inserted by transmitting stations.


2 responses to “Week Commencing April 12th

  1. I am worn out listening to this week’s collection, first class selection of music, thanks Bob. How I envy that guy who brought his children up ‘properly’. Mine have no appreciation for quality music at all.

    • Twas not always this way Terry.. my fifteen year old daughter has graduated from “One DIrection” a couple of years ago to happily ploughing through my vinyl collection of Floyd, Queen, Beatles, Doors and others.. Seeing her sitting amongst all the albums spread out all over her bedroom floor takes me back about 40years! A regular dose of Bob and other Caroline jock’s selections can’t hurt the osmosis !! Love your work by the way Terry.. very hand reference.

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