Week Commencing June 1st

Nils Lofgren -The Sun Hasn’t Set On This Boy Yet (Nils Lofgren)

Graham Nash – Military Madness (Songs For Beginners)

Procol Harum – Businessman (Novum)

Nazareth – Hair Of The Dog (Hair Of The Dog)

Deep Purple – One Night In Vegas (Infinite)

10cc – Fresh Air For My Mama (10cc)

Beatles – Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (Abbey Road)


Temples – How Would You Like To Go (Volcano)

Earth & Fire – Ruby Is The One (Earth & Fire)

Rolling Stones – Dance Little Sister (It’s Only Rock n Roll)

Santana – Dance Sister Dance (Amigos)

Elton John – Your Sister Can’t Twist But She Can Rock n Roll (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)

Ry Cooder – Little Sister (Bop Til You Drop)

Bob Dylan – Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Blonde On Blonde)

Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road (Born To Run)

Todd Rundgren – I Got Your Back (White Knight)

Eagles – You Never Cry Like A Lover (On The Border)

Ray Davies – Change For Change (Americana)

Joni Mitchell – Raised On Robbery (Court & Spark)

Steely Dan – Monkey In Your Soul (Pretzel Logic)


Mungo Jerry – Somebody Stole My Wife (Electronically Tested)

Aimee Mann – Philly Sinks (Mental Illness)

The 1957 Tail Fin Fiasco – Cold Cuts (Not For Everyone)

David Bowie – Aladdin Sane (Aladdin Sane)

The Morris Quinlan Experience – The Raven Trick (The Morris Quinlan Experience)

Ian Hunter & The Rant Band – Dandy (Fingers Crossed)

Joe Walsh – Funk 50 (Analogue Man)

*Songs inserted by transmitting stations.


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