Week Commencing May 4th

Chambers Brothers – Time Has Come Today (The Time Has Come)

Dave Mason – Dear Mr Fantasy (Future’s Past)

Ray Davies – The Great Highway (Americana)

Beatles – Within You, Without You (Sgt. Pepper’s …)


Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Pieces Of A Man)

Eagles – Wasted Time (Hotel California)

Dave Stewart – All Messed Up (The Blackbird Diaries)

Deep Purple – Hit Boots (Infinite)

Temples – Open Air (Volcano)

Jackson Browne – Running On Empty (Running On Empty)

Doobie Brothers – You Just Can’t Stop It (What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits)

The 1957 Tail Fin Fiasco – The Commodore Rooms 1975-76 (Not For Everyone)

Neil Young – Old Man (Harvest)

Joni Mitchell – My Old Man (Blue)

David Bowie – Wild Is The Wind (Station To Station)

Ian Hunter & The Rant Band – Stranded In Reality (Fingers Crossed)

Hall & Oates – Las Vegas Turnaround (Abandoned Luncheonette)


Drive By Truckers – What It Means (American Band)

Dire Straits – Portobello Belle (Communique)

James Taylor – Montana (Before This World)

James Taylor – Mud Slide Slim (Mud Slide Slim & The Blue Horizon)

Curtis Mayfield – We Got To Have Peace (Roots)

*Songs inserted by transmitting stations.


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