Week Commencing February 23rd

Barclay James Harvest – Poor Boy Blues (Everyone Is Everybody Else)

Dave Mason – Misty Morning Stranger (It’s Like You Never Left)

Santana – Echizo (IV)

Alternative TV – How Much Longer (Strange Kicks)

Bear’s Den – Gabriel (Red Wine & Pouring Rain)

Elton John – Ballad Of A Well Known Gun (Tumbleweed Connection)


Alice Cooper – Alma Mater (School’s Out)

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – A Woman In Love (Hard Promises)

Tom Petty – You Don’t Know How It Feels (Wildflowers)

Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes – You Mean So Much To Me (I Don’t Wanna Go Home)

Drive By Truckers – What It Means (American Band)

Moody Blues – Minstrel’s Song (A Question Of Balance)

Graham Parker & The Rumour – Long Shot (Mystery Glue)

Joe Cocker – Feeling Alright (With A Little Help From My Friends)

Bob Dylan – On A Night Like This (Planet Waves)

Bob Dylan – Baby, Stop Crying (Street Legal)

War – That’s What Love Will Do (All Day Music)

Beatles – Love You To (Revolver)


Fairport Convention – Matty Groves (Leige & Leife)

Gil Scott Heron – Me & The Devil (I’m New Here)

Crosby Stills & Nash – Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (Crosby Stills & Nash)

Graham Nash – Wild Tales (Wild Tales)

Loggins & Messina – Vahevala (Sittin’ In)

*Songs inserted by transmitting stations.


5 responses to “Week Commencing February 23rd

  1. Wow what a show that was, not a bad one in it and what a start with BJH whenever I hear them and particularly that album it always sends me right back to listening to Radio Caroline in the early mid 70’s. BJH in my mind is one of the bands that is synonymous with the station from that era. Hard to go wrong in picking a track from that album, no impossible to go wrong.
    And then some ATV, you know I didn’t think I would ever here them on the radio again, they never got a lot of airplay even in their day. That sent my mind to remembering them not from the track you played but from a Flexi single that was free with the fanzine ‘Sniffin Glue’ produced by Mark Perry who of course was leading light of ATV. Definitley be digging out that ‘Love Lies Limp’ flexi with all its crackles and my other singles from ATV the other one that springs to mind without digging them out is ‘Action TIme & Vision’. Don’t have the Strange Kicks album but no worries have a good few of their singles. So yes took me back to when I was working with someone for a couple of years in mid to late 70s and we were so in tune musically just as well really as we were together 8 hours a day with no one else but it sure made work extra special at that time. Most days playing each other stuff from our collections on cassette while we worked away through various shift patterns.
    Ah the magic of music transporting me back instantly 40 years or so. OMG all that time.

  2. As many have said before, music is great at doing that … can’t think of anything else with the power to bring back, not just a memory but, a “feeling” from years ago. Photographs, of course, do a good job of poking the memory, but music is best. Just look at the results gained from songs sung or music played to Dementia sufferers.

    Musically, we are the generation which mainstream media seem to believe doesn’t exist. There are millions of folk all over Europe who, like us, love that Barclay James Harvest album and yet, can anybody point me in the direction of a mainstream radio or tv show which is prepared to play anything of that ilk? Ironically, we are the lost generation. A collective who still listen to Crosby, Stills & Nash and don’t feel any sense of embarrassment that our collections feature Pink Floyd and Tom Petty. Mainstream media will sweep us into a box marked “Rock” and label us “old hippies”, they are unable to grasp that our musical tastes are both wide and varied; ready to embrace new material too. They just don’t understand that somebody could possibly love BJH and ATV, and yet the proof is written in black and white in your post, John.

  3. Brilliant comments from both of you. With regard to Fairport Convention, I remember getting a bus from Dartford to Croydon (no mean feat in the sixties) to see them at The Fairfield Halls (does that still exist?) only to be too late to get in as it was full!!

  4. Good points about mainstream media. I do hear BJH occasionally and Fairport regularly on BBC 6Music, usually played by the likes of Cerys Matthews and Gideon Coe, and Marc Riley had ATV playing live in the studio and I’m sure is keen to do so again soon, but by and large the mainstream media is obsessed with homogenisation and focus groups. You just have to dig deeper to find the good stuff. Happy that you are still flying one of the few remaining flags.

  5. Thanks for pointing those out, Neil, it’s important to give credit and acknowledgement where they are due. As for flying the flag (if that’s what I’m doing), I hope I’ll be doing it for as long as people like you are willing to salute it.

    With no possibility of advertising its availability, it all comes down to word of mouth so … as they used to say in the olden days … tell your friends!!

    Best wishes,


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