Week commencing December 17th

Small Faces – Happiness Stan (Ogden’s Nutgone Flake)
Dan Baird – I Love You Period (Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired)
Golden Earring – That’s Why I Believe In Her (The Hague)
Muse – The Globalist (Drones)
Temptations – Message From A Black Man (Puzzle People)
Bob Seger – Ride Out (Ride Out)
John Trudell – Rockin’ The Res (AKA Grafitti Man)
Reform Club – Teapot Lane (Never Yesterday)
Poco – Rose Of Cimarron (Rose Of Cimarron)
Eagles – Journey of The Sorcerer (One Of These Nights)
Nilsson – Moonbeam Song (Nilsson Schmilsson)
Donovan – Atlantis (Barabajagal)
Robert Palmer – Night People (Double Fun)
David Gilmour – Faces Of Stone (Rattle That Lock)
Supertramp – Fool’s Overture (Even In The Quietest Moments)
Brian Wilson – Sail Away (No Pier Pressure)
David Bowie – Five Years (Ziggy Stardust)
Young Gun Silver Fox – Emilia (West End Coast)
Tower Of Power – Only So Much Oil In The Ground (Urban Renewal)
Neil Young – Old Man (Harvest)
Van Morrison – They Sold Me Out (Magic Time)
*Songs inserted by transmitting stations.


4 responses to “Week commencing December 17th

  1. Not a good show tonight Bob but a really GREAT one.
    Norman Baker might not be too happy to hear himself described as ex Tory MP though. He was a Liberal Democrat MP and was a Liberal Democrat minister in the last coalition government. On the other hand I’m sure he would be happy to have his music played on your show.
    I’d never come across or heard of John Trudell before, interesting track. Have had a quick look on spotify and they have a lot of his material so I will have a listen to some more of it there so thanks for bringing him to my attention tinged with sadness that he is no longer with us.

  2. Oh no!!! Did I say that Norman Baker was a Tory MP? Whoops. You are, of course, correct, he was a Lib Dem … probably still is. Another great moment in my illustrious broadcasting career!

    Glad you enjoyed the John Trudell song, as I said on the show, it was my friend Elija who introduced me to his music one afternoon in Tony Allan’s flat. As you know, Tony was the consummate broadcaster and is no longer with us, he loved his music and I’m sure they’re up there now enjoying a toot on the Peace Pipe! Elija has been promoting arts from Native Americans for quite some time now, anybody interested can find out more here: https://indigenousbrilliance.wordpress.com/

    Have a good Christmas and, once again, thank you for your continued support, John.

    Best wishes,


  3. Not sure if it’s OK to do this here, if it’s not then I’m sure you can delete it. Bruce Springsteen followers may like to catch up with a couple of TV shows put out on BBC4 TV a day or so ago, I’m guessing it will be on BBC iplayer if you missed it. Worth a watch if you like him. First programme ‘The Ties That Bind’ more or less about the making of the ‘River’ album followed by ‘Live From The River Tour 1980’

  4. Of course it’s OK, John. I have the documentary on my Sky Box, ready to enjoy. Didn’t know about the concert though, so thank you. I saw him on that tour, seems like a lifetime ago!

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