Bob Lawrence’s Album Collection

Album Collection, broadcast weekend 15th & 16th March 2013

T. Rex – Mad Donna (Tanx)

Robert Palmer – Man Smart, Woman Smarter (Some People Can Do What They Like)

Boz Scaggs – Love On A Two Way Street (Memphis)

Mike Oldfield – An excerpt (Tubular Bells)

Sutherland Brothers & Quiver – Beat Of The Street (Beat Of The Street)

Starsailor – Love Is Here (Love Is Here)

Doobie Brothers – Black Water (What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits)

Van Susans – Served Cold (Paused In The Moment)

Beatles – Revolution 1 (White Album)

* Zervas & Pepper – Somewhere In The City (Somewhere In The City)

David Bowie – Dirty Boys (The Next Day)

Tom Robinson Band – Glad To Be Gay (Rising Free E.P)

Eagles – The Last Resort (Hotel California)

Ronnie Laine – Don’t Try To Change My Mind (One For The Road)

Beach Boys – Daybreak Over The Ocean (That’s Why God Made The Radio)

Steely Dan – The Fez (Royal Scam)

Oasis – Roll With It (What’s The Story Morning Glory)

Eric Clapton – Angel (Old Sock)

E.L.O – Shangri-La (A New World Record)

Steeleye Span – Fighting For Strangers (Rocket Cottage)

Van Morrison – End Of The Rainbow (Born To Sing, No Plan B)

Chuck Prophet – I Felt Like Jesus (Temple Beautiful)

* Warren Haynes – Hattiesberg Hustle (Man In Motion)

Jackson Browne – Before The Deluge (Too Late For The Sky)

Lindisfarne – We Can Swing Together (Nicely Out Of Tune)

Supertramp – Even In The Quietest Moments (Even In The Quietest Moments)

* Depending on which broadcast you listened to, you may not have heard these songs.


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