Bob Lawrence’s Album Collection

Album Collection, broadcast weekend 1st & 2nd Feb 2013

Deep purple – Smoke On The Water (Made In Japan)

Eagles – Busy Being Fabulous (Long Road Out Of Eden)

Don Henley – The Last Worthless Evening (The End Of The Innocence)

Mumford & Sons – Hopeless Wanderer (Babel)

America – Midnight (Hearts)

Kevin Ayers – Miss Hanaga (That’s What You Get Babe)

Band – When I Paint My Masterpiece (Cahoots)

Cream – SWLABR (Disraeli Gears)

* Asia – Face On The Bridge (XXX)

Hall & Oates – Abandoned Luncheonette (Abandoned Luncheonette)

Frankie Miller – This Love Of Mine (Full House)

Free – Travellin’ In Style (Heartbreaker)

Mick Ronson – Slaughter On 10th Avenue (Slaughter On 10th Avenue)

Bob Geldof – Room 19 (Sha La la la lee) (The Happy Club)

Fleetwood Mac – Oh Daddy (Rumours Deluxe)

Doors – Been Down So Long (L.A Woman)

Dr Feelgood – Back In The Night (Malpractice)

Lou Reed – Goodnight Ladies (Transformer)

Doobie Brothers – You Just Can’t Stop It (What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits)

Barry White – I Love You More Than Anything (Can’t Get Enough)

Avergae White Band – Queen Of My Soul (Soul Searching)

*  Dr John – God’s Sure Good (Locked Down)

Devon Allman – There’s No Time (Turquoise)

Billy Joel – Scenes From Italian Restaurant (The Stranger)

David Gilmour – Take A Breath (On An Island)


* Depending on which broadcast you listened to, you may not have heard these songs.


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